The company has 20 years of mature garment production experience, most of the production staff have more than seven years of garment production experience, quality and quantity in kid clothes production, which is a major advantage of our manufacturing industry(wholesale kids clothing manufacturers&wholesale childrens clothing china). For the production of complete machinery and equipment, shrinkage machine, cloth cutting machine, sewing machine and so on are the latest equipment, scientific management mode, but also greatly improve work efficiency. About 150 manufacturing staff can produce more than 10,000 products per day. Not only that, we also have a number of stable partners, which makes us work more tacit and efficient.


The company is a brand company, the company needs to continue to develop products to maintain the company's development, the company has trained a strong design team. Designers have rich experience in design, unique innovative thinking, keep pace with the times, stand at the forefront of fashion, for the company to design a batch of boutique children's clothes. For ODM orders, our team has a great advantage, high efficiency, can better serve the needs of businesses and companies themselves.

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