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by:Aonousi     2020-05-04
Today\'s applicant Julia Peterson at Princeton Junction has more than 20 years of experience in the apparel industry and has recently served as a quality control manager.
While she is looking for a job in the apparel/textile industry, she is also open to careers including a passion for home decor.
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I work outdoors: design and build wall hanging and curtains and do some home remodel (
Built-in Tile bathtubin bookcases)
Grow vegetables and flowering plants.
My favorite movie: Batman start if I don\'t have to work. . .
I will open a cross.
Generations of \"community gathering places\" offering coffee and smoothies, newspapers and books, recycling clothes and carpets, and arranging events (i. e.
: Book Group, children\'s reading, hand-made group, open microphone, etc. )
Why would you hire me with 25 words or less: I am focused, thorough, and have ownership of each project.
Even if it means taking a rabbit out of the hat, I will have a challenge.
Recent experience 2007-
09: Sean John costume.
Execute brand development and performance standards, develop agreements and manage the quality control senior manager for laboratory test projects in accordance with AATCC, ASTM and FTC. 2005-07: I.
Coat Spiewak & Sons.
Fabric and production purchasing manager, responsible for planning, sourcing and executing all elements of garment production for this New York company to meet the design challenges.
My depth of knowledge about garment production, my love for textiles, my ability to be comprehensive and create a win-win situationwin solutions.
Comprehensive knowledge is gained when applying 2008 CSPIA to our products and making our relevant regulatory certificate plans to run by the deadline.
Education Center, Northeastern University, Boston. B. S.
New York Institute of Advanced Fashion Technology, New YorkY. A. A. S.
Lisa Chenofsky Singer, an expert in fashion design today, executive and career coaching/HR consulting at Chenofsky Singer and Associates LLC (Chen flitzkicom)
Julia\'s first industry, US marketS.
Garment manufacturers have been restructuring and integrating to curb losses.
To increase revenue, many people have developed their own brands, created new product lines and completed acquisitions.
The use of overseas factories has increased due to labor costs.
In the United States, the role of quality control is weakening. S.
Because it is usually done at the factory site.
While Julia\'s career has focused primarily on one area, her diverse experience includes quality control, fabric and production sourcing, purchasing, and product development.
From start to finish, her extensive experience in managing products will help her gain a product development position in any industry.
Julia needs to focus on what she wants to emphasize to the hiring manager.
For example, depending on what she wants to emphasize, she should be bold in choosing her own company or title, but not both.
Dates should not be bold either.
Since Julia has been in her industry for a while, she may want to consider adding a \"professional development and affiliation\" section to show her commitment in terms of industry or functional skills.
If Julia understands her skills and knows how to market them to another industry, it should not be a huge effort to play her part in a new industry.
After all, in this ever-changing era, we all have to remember to be someone who is happy to learn new technologies, new systems, and new processes.
It is suggested that Julia can improve her summary section to better attract the attention of the hiring manager.
Using shorter tones that highlight key achievements in quantifying results will enable her to market herself more effectively.
Keep in mind that a resume is a \"live document\" in a state of constant revision \".
Julia\'s resume must be clear about what value she can bring to everyone.
Should be strategic, forward-looking sales.
Also, while there are many ways to create a resume, it is important for the target audience.
Always check for spelling errors in addition to spelling checks.
It is helpful to ask a friend to read it as he/she may choose the word with the wrong spelling (
For example, there and their)
Make sure the second page has your name, phone number and email when the resume has two pages
Mail address when the page is separated.
There is another friend who is not within your job or industry to proofread your resume so that he/she can question the proper use of any term you may use.
This is especially important if you are entering a new industry ---
The recruiter/hiring manager may not be able to understand your experience.
You need a job.
We want to help.
Hiring me is an opportunity to sell you. E-
Resume delivery (
As an attachment to Word)
ToHireMe @ starledger. com.
If selected, we will forward your CV to the expert for comments and show it here.
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