aldi has launched a £4 school uniform for kids – and it looks pretty good

by:Aonousi     2020-04-30
Aldi has launched a school uniform at its supermarket store, with two polo shirts, a jumper, trousers or skirts costing only £ 4 in total.
Wear is also included in the range-
Accessories such as endurance shoes, socks, tights, PE bags, backpacks, etc.
The low price makes uniforms cheaper than Tesco (£8. 50)
Spencer & Spencer (£15. 20), Sainsbury’s (£12. 50)and Asda (£7. 50).
Tony Burns, general manager of Aldi\'s purchase, commented: \"our 4-piece uniform not only offers great value, but also provides incredible quality.
Price and quality assurance means that we give our parents a chance not to worry about expensive new uniforms.
More importantly, they can even sort everything out before the summer break starts-it\'s something our customers tell us they like!
\"The Aldi school uniform package is the same price in all sizes and can be bought on our website and in our store, so it\'s easy for parents to get this great bag --
Value, excellent quality range.
In July 14, 2016, four Aldi school uniforms were sold in stores and online.
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