awakening the creativity.

by:Aonousi     2020-05-08
The world of clothing, fashion and costume design is all about creativity.
Introducing something new at a fixed time interval, the industry can be considered the most adapted to new ideas and trends.
Most of its work, however, is focused on design, with little focus on adding value to the user experience.
This is also true for accessories designed to enhance the aesthetic features of clothing, but many things that can provide users with some economic value remain the same.
For example, hangers, also known as hangers, are the most common items used to hang almost all types of clothes.
There are some exceptions to baby hangers, which are small in size and have special hooks and multiple hangers.
However, waya hangers are often used, indicating that it has been reduced to hangers, and its frame is based on the same design originally designed for hanging coats, in addition to other clothing such as tie, Sari, maxi skirt, scarf, bridal dress, pants, pajamas, underwear, etc.
Hangers are usually treated as a whole
Purpose: suspension equipment, no exclusivity is provided in terms of the size, length and width of the garment.
On top of that, both men and women use the same type of hangers, although their clothes are different in design.
Especially in women\'s clothing, it often covers more areas and is very complicated (and expensive)
Clothing for men.
This means that women\'s clothing must have a different hanger that can fully accommodate clothes that are folded on the shelf.
In fact, there must be a cloth in the place where the universal hanger is used
Design specific hangers according to the actual size of each item.
Another convenient way is to introduce clothes with built-in clothes
This may be more applicable to this rough-and-
Tight clothing such as jeans and jackets.
The belt is worn at the waist and is another garment accessory that can provide other functions.
For example, a tape measure is used to measure the waist size, and the belt itself can provide the same functionality.
This brings us to the idea of a \"waist measurement band\" that can be attached to its back with a simple tape measure, this will help people pay attention to their waist size without using a separate tape measure. A simple dual-
Purpose Equipment, the belt may be a great use, especially for those with a sense of weight, by controlling the diet and exercising regularly, keeping in shape and continuously monitoring the waist circumference, to avoid unnecessary bumps.
Knowing that a person\'s waist circumference indicates a possible health risk associated with overweight and obesity, \"waist circumference\" may become \"healthy-
Friendly Clothing accessories as a health barometer may also be popular in the medical world.
In addition to being a mandatory part of clothing, there are also purposeful
The \"Trash Can\" designed on the side of pants and other clothing can be better as a whole
We are more aware of our responsibility to keep the environment clean, which can make us aware of how we can contribute to the manufacture of world garbage --
By placing small junk items (e. g. a food wrapper)
When there is no garbage bin around, put it in your pocket.
We need to awaken our inner creativity so that things happen with practical value that meets human needs, not just the aesthetic appeal that is worthless to human life.
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