My kid was very happy when she got the skirt, It was as if the world was going to be warmed by her smile, She can't wait to put on the skirt, but her laughter suddenly changed tone, emitted from the voice like a little animal crying, my hand, holding her, also stained with blood, looking at my baby cried red eyes, I don't know what to do, hurried send the child to the hospital... 


Later, the Doctor diagnosed : Because the needle left in the skirt is hidden in the skirt, leaving a long scar on the child's stomach. The needle was only about 2 centimetres long, but caused very big injuries to my baby. I was meant to send most delightful gift to my kid, never imagined it became the most dangerous weapon.

Since this happened, I have set up my goal : only producing children's clothes that make all parents relived.

Since then, my company began to grasp the quality of production from the source, every stitch and line is for the safety of children, we produce clothing every production process has strict control. From the examination of the fabric to the inspection of sewing to the strict packaging and freight, must strictly handle every production process.

After 16 years of running children's clothes, my own child  have grown up, but my inner mission has never faded, I always bear every child in mind, and be responsible for every parent. It is our firm belief to produce children's clothes that relive parents’ heart.

This is my story. Welcome to share your story with us!


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