Is Aonuosi an OBM?
OBM is a kind of production that is based on the creation of trademarks and brands, not on the “no-name” products. With the development of markets and increased competition, we know that to survive and thrive in this highly competitive environment, selling our own brand is essential. After many years of manufacturing, we have accumulated extensive resources, experience, expertise, and technologies. At Dongguan Aonuosi Co., Ltd., we believe that through our constant R&D and innovation, we can build a well-recognized brand in the near future.

Dongguan Aonuosi Co., Ltd has fully committed to the R&D, production and service of kids suit. girls skirt is the main product of Aonuosi. It is diverse in variety. The quality check of Aonuosi beautiful baby clothes is strictly carried out. This includes, for example, testing the consistency class, the water binder value, and the air pore content. Being flame-retardant, the product is less likely to set alight. The product has been widely well-known and has gained buyer's recognition in overseas market. The double-stitched cuff makes it stronger and tougher.

Dongguan our company Co., Ltd is striving to develop a strong overseas platform. Inquire!
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