making a splash city water polo: birmingham high - winners of 24 in a row - favored to take city section title.

by:Aonousi     2020-04-17
The New England Patriots are not the only Patriots who work in the perfect season.
The water team in the Birmingham heights of Balboa Lake is also the Patriots, unbeaten and ready to enter the first place. 1 seed.
Two years ago, when the school set up a team, the water polo was a strange concept for most students in birmingham.
Last season, after more than 30 years of absence, the city partially resumed the sport, but Birmingham caught up faster than most, now the Patriots are looking at the opportunity for the first city part of the project to champion.
Birmingham finished their second unbeaten Valery league season on Wednesday with 16 wins.
Beat the opponent Cleveland high school.
Patriot 24-
0 and 14-since the program started-
There is one game left this season, and the last game of Monday\'s season is against thuntington Park.
No playoffs last year, but this year--beginning Feb. 1 --
Birmingham is a popular place to win the championship. 8.
\"These children have come a long way,\" said Patriots coach ChrisLaidig . \".
\"Most children in Birmingham say, \'What is the water ball? \'
Where did you put the horse?
People around the school don\'t know what that is.
Football is the biggest sport.
\"Laidig said he didn\'t know what to expect when he joined the team as a coach last year.
\"We only focus on extreme basics like egg beating,\" Laidig said . \".
\"We have to start from scratch.
\"Since many city schools do not have a pool, there are only 19 teams participating in the sport this season, which has been a major project in the southern region for decades.
Before they were sure there would be enough players to have teams for boys and girls, the teams in the city department have been working togethered.
The plan is to set up a separate team for boys and girls next year.
Most of the people who play in Birmingham are swimmers who have heard of water polo at least.
Some of them even played a little.
Brittany Hurta is a veteran goalkeeper who has played as an afreshman in El Rancho.
Gavin brothers and darlin Welch brothers played briefly in a park and grew up watching a sister play at kalabasas high school.
Gavin asked the Birmingham swimming coach if it was possible to form a water team.
Brando Bohorquez is more typical of players who choose to try out new adventures in the City Section.
\"I really don\'t know what the water polo is,\" said bohorquez, a senior who is also a member of the swimming team.
\"A lot of people in the swimming team seem to be excited about it, so I think it\'s an interesting sport.
I tried it and didn\'t know what I was doing.
But I made the team and I fell in love with it.
Bohorquez adapted quickly and became captain with Gavin Weltsch and Stephen Leon.
All three hope to continue the sport after graduating from high school.
Laidig plays Crespi Gao Ensino and is a coach at Crespi assistantcoach and one of the advantages of the high woodlands Post, providedbiringham and part of the department is the mostexperienced.
He wanted his team to have a good time, but he made it clear that they would take the game seriously and fight for the win.
Last fall, he took a long time to record the Agura boys water police team for the Southern District Championship and reviewed the video with his team to introduce them to the new tactics and
When the Patriots started their season in November, they believed they could also be champions, even though they had graduated from four starters.
\"Coach lediger is a great coach,\" Leon said . \" Leon is a swimmer and has never played water polo before last season.
He kept us confident.
He kept us unbeaten.
\"Efforts to shape a common goal 27-
Team members enter
Have lunch together, often hanging out together outside the school. The co-
The player said that the ed format will cause some uncomfortable situations when the body is in contact with the game, which does not affect unity.
\"They are very focused on teamwork,\" said Laidig . \"
\"These kids have a natural love for the sport and they just want to make as much money as they can.
\"In recent weeks, the dedication of the Patriots has been reflected.
The campus pool was closed and the team had to practice at odd times and far away locations.
Some players take two or three buses to train every day during the winter break.
For the rest of the season, the panoramic high of the panoramic city serves as the biringham \'shome swimming pool and the Patriots lose most of their fan base in the game.
However, this interest still exists around the campus and players are surprised at how much recognition they have received.
\"I\'m wearing a water polo T-
\"Shirts and people will come to me and start asking about my team,\" Huerta said . \".
In the Daily Bulletin of the school, the renewal of the team\'s unbalanced victory became routine.
\"At the beginning of this year, there were not many people around the school who were interested,\" Leon said . \".
\"But we won all the time and they started to announce it at school.
Now people come to us and ask us all the questions.
Many of them have said that they do not really respect swimming.
They are very supportive when they see the physics and the real look of the water ball.
Now people know what the water polo is. \" heather. Gripp @ dailynews. com CAPTION(S)
: Photo: Stephen Leon is one of the reasons the Birmingham Water team won the city district championship this season.
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