morrisons is selling school shirts for kids with a hidden unicorn on the pocket

by:Aonousi     2020-04-15
MORRISONS is selling fantastic school uniform polo shirts embroidered with secret unicorns.
At first glance, the top looks like other white shirts, but you\'ll find this magical creature if you look closely at the chest pocket.
The white tops for most school uniforms do not have any design, but these are very subtle and you can almost miss them.
You will find the shirt.
Called \"sequin polo shirt\"
In the girls area in the store and online, but for any child who is interested in unicorns, this is the perfect choice.
£ 2 per shirt, £ 4 for two packs, more expensive than two white shirts.
They usually cost 2.
Two people are £ 50, so you add an extra 75 p to each shirt and an additional £ 1. 50 in total.
In fact, you can go to Aldi, where it takes only 1 pound for a pack of two regular shirts, thus saving more cash. 75.
If you still want a top, they can get three to four --years-
From the old to the 12-to 13-year-old.
A shopper spotted them and posted extreme coupons and bargains on Facebook, UK.
Since then, parents have been eager to know if their local stores are in stock.
Supermarkets have confirmed that you will find them in most Morrison stores that sell the Nutmeg clothing collection.
You are a unicorn fanatic, but are too old for polo shirts, so you should go to Asda where you can buy Rice Krispies square in unicorn shape.
Mueller unicorn yogurt is also available now, they are called unicorns.
Meanwhile, Asda and Morrisons are selling McVities unicorn cake strips with rainbow crystals.
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