mother of dumped baby found; new-born recovering after being found in sewer pipe

by:Aonousi     2020-05-03
Police say they have found a new mother.
A born baby boy was thrown in a sewer under a Chinese public toilet.
The baby is recovering in hospital after being rescued, and Chinese police say an investigation is underway.
Firefighters saw part of the three men.
The inch-wide pipe was then carefully removed to release the trapped baby after a tenant heard it cry in a toilet in a residential building in East China\'s Zhejiang province. googletag. {});
There is no baby called a child.
According to reports, judging from the number of hospital incubators, 59 of them are safe in nearby hospitals, and the news of rescue prompted strangers arriving with diapers and baby clothes to reveal them, proposal for milk powder and adoption of children.
The baby weighs 6 lbs.
It is reported that his placenta is also attached to 2 lbs.
According to Zhejiang\'s official news agency, Zhejiang Online, his heart rate is low, his head and limbs are bruised, but he is basically unscathed.
It is unclear how the baby was sent to the toilet, but police say they see the case as a case of attempted homicide.
Popular Twitter in China
Like Weibo, some users expressed sympathy for the child and fear of his torture.
Most bloggers speculated that the child had been abandoned in the toilet by his parents.
The landlord of the building said it was unlikely to be born in the toilet because there was no evidence of blood and she did not know that the tenant was recently pregnant.
Despite the proposal to adopt a baby
59, a doctor at the hospital said that if the boy\'s parents did not claim him, he would be handed over to the social service. googletag. {});
Reports of baby abandonment are common in China, sparking public anger over a strict plan.
A child policy that imposes huge fines on parents who violate the rules.
The policy has been blamed as a factor that has led parents to abandon unwanted children, although, due to traditional preference for male heirs, they are usually baby girls whose parents want their son. try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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