newborn girl found alive in a plastic bag in the woods in northern georgia as police search for mother

by:Aonousi     2020-04-16
Authorities in northern Georgia are looking for a mother who found a living newborn in plastic bags in wooded areas.
The Fortis County sheriff\'s office said on Facebook that a caller reported that he heard a baby crying in the woods around 10 on Thursday. 08pm.
When delegates arrived at Daves Creek Road in Cumming, Georgia, they found a newborn baby girl left in a wooded area.
The newborn was reportedly found in a plastic bag, followed by first aid and taken to a local hospital where she was referred to as \"India \".
Indian baby is said to be in good condition.
At a press conference on Friday, Ron Freeman, Fortis County sheriff, said the child was found to be a divine intervention, considering that the area where babies were found to be sparsely populated, calling 911 of the families just came back from their holiday and heard the baby crying.
The family first thought the call was a wild animal, Freeman said.
\"Thank God they went out and looked into the matter and immediately called 911,\" Freeman said . \".
The Georgian Department of Family and Child Services received a notice regarding the baby, which is said to be defending her during her stay in the hospital.
The baby is described as white and the authorities are seeking help to determine her mother.
Anyone who knows a woman who may have a baby later in her pregnancy is asked to call 770 of the Forsyth County Sheriff\'s Office. 781-3087.
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