polo shirts and khakis were just the right thing for three u.s. heroes to wear in paris

by:Aonousi     2020-04-25
It is rare when a polo shirt and a pair of kha cloth make such an elegant statement in style.
But as three young Americans who foiled the terrorist attacks wore, the informal uniforms of vacationers and Friday businessmen never looked as elegant as they are now. [
Americans awarded France the highest honor after stopping the European train attack]
On Monday, in the gold-plated Hall of the Elysee Palace, French President Francois Hollande presented France\'s highest honor-the Legion of Honor-to three childhood partners --
Air Force 1st Spencer Stone, 23 years old, Army Spec.
Alek Skarlatos, 22, and Anthony Sadler, a 23-year-old college student
And British businessman Chris Norman, who also helped subdue the gunman who shot a high-rise on Friday.
High-speed rail from Amsterdam to Paris.
They took photos with the United States. S.
Ambassador Jane D. FranceHartley.
This is a striking image.
Olander, 61, and Norman, 62, all wore formal suits and ties.
Hartley is wearing a painted white sheath.
Lace Print in New York
Designer Prabal Gurung.
They look professional.
Hartley looks beautiful.
However, these three friends are wearing flat clothes.
Front kha pants and polo shirts in green, red and gray.
They look neat as a group but feel free.
Young but elegant.
Their clothes say a lot about accidents and understatement, which in turn speaks eloquently about what happened on the train and how they responded.
These are casual costumes, not those that focus only on luxury dinners, formal parties or some business activities.
These clothes tend to find American places in the crowd: travel expenses that are often laughed at and sometimes laughed.
They are the kind of suits that young people wear when they are expected to wear, but they really don\'t see themselves in suits, because really, is all the fuss necessary?
But most of the time, polo shirts and kha shirts look perfect, as they highlight the indifference that Sadler, scaratos, and Stone have shown since being focused by the media.
They have not played down the dangers they face, nor have they played down the resolution of the suspect Ayoub el-Khazzani.
As Hollande pointed out in his speech, \"there are more than 500 passengers on that train. Ayoub el-
Khazzani has more than 300 bullets.
We now realize how close we are to tragedy and the Holocaust.
\"But they did not push their shoulders back and held out the box.
They simply absorbed it all with a hint of wonder. [
Three Americans changed seats and saved the lives of Paris. bound train]
Some observers have asked, why don\'t scaratos and stone wear military uniforms?
According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, \"they were on vacation at the time, traveling on personal holidays, not wearing uniforms, and they wouldn\'t wear uniforms when they were in Paris.
\"Of course, wearing a uniform at the awards ceremony will change the story.
Their uniforms will be recognized by their training and institutions.
But skaratos and stone are not military personnel or agents of the government.
They\'re acting.
Reaction, really. as civilians.
Dressed in the clothes of ordinary people, they convey a message that anyone can do what they do.
Their costumes emphasize the power of ordinary people, not their own uniqueness.
Their lack of a suit went further.
The authority of the West unified the hierarchy and agreement.
Who is responsible?
The man in the suit
However, no one is responsible for these three friends.
No one is waiting to be told what to do.
That\'s what they did.
It is also conceivable that a group of young people traveling in Europe will not be bothered by packing suits, sports jackets, dress shirts or ties.
At a meeting at the ambassador\'s official residence on Sunday, they were again dressed in informal clothes --
A different set of polo shirts.
In fact, they just seem to pack a stack of polo shirts.
The show took place on a weekend.
Stone had surgery on his hand.
People can imagine that they are all a little busy and worried about what to wear on Monday.
So when they stand with five people and smile
They have a pointed medal on their shirts, and the carefully arranged photos look natural.
They look like young people, and they still can\'t fully believe in the power to act on intuition.
Robin Givhan: the worship of Reagan\'s Republican candidate.
But none of them can match his style.
How a gender-discriminatory sports shoe culture can turn a man into a fashion addict should stay away from the business of claiming that a child is a \"fashion idol. No, just born NBA player, you\'re not like Russell Westbrook. Not yet.
Hillary Clinton made a joke about her fashion choices.
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