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Return to Society and Be a Conscientious Enterprise


AONOUSI has always advocated the idea of repaying the society and being a conscientious enterprise, and has always instilled this idea in the daily operation of enterprises. On October 9, 2015, the company sent several representatives of AONOUSI Company to the nursing home for care and condolences, and sent condolences to implement the concept of conscientious enterprise.

During the condolences, the company delegation of AONOUSI sent the usual food and nutrients as well as daily necessities to the elderly in the nursing home. The elderly expressed their praise one after another, praised the behavior of the enterprise, and set up the image of social responsibility for many enterprises.

Employees are also greatly touched by the feeling that it is not easy for the elderly to be helpless. The mission of becoming an enterprise is not only to provide more high-quality products, but also to assume social responsibility.

The condolences activities were successfully concluded. The participants were so moved and grateful that they all said they were worthy of their trip.


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