school uniforms defended as cheaper

by:Aonousi     2020-04-27
This week, Tauranga\'s largest high school principal said the $400 in 40-week clothing was cheap and parents needed to budget for it.
Dave Randall, president of otsumotai College, said he was frustrated by the annual protests caused by rising school uniform prices, as the cost of the option would be much higher.
He said it was \"incredible\" to pay teenagers to wear mufti all year round \".
\"It\'s impossible for them to wear the same [mufti]
\"40 weeks of jerseys,\" he told many times on the weekend.
Like car insurance or other annual bills, parents know their children need uniforms in January and should budget accordingly, Randall said.
\"I think the school is trying to help by wearing uniforms.
\"He does not allow students to wear polo shirts with school badges on them.
\"Their cost is not high because it is a bulk order,\" he said . \". The crest -
Including the school motto \"Let learning Enlighten life \"--
It gives students a sense of belonging and a sense of school pride, he said.
Students and staff recently selected a school jacket from a range of styles to add it to the uniform.
The jacket costs $95, can be worn for five years, and parents will spend $20 a year, Randall said.
Many elderly people who are about to leave donated their school uniforms back to school, and in return, the cost of their graduate dinner was discounted.
President Delai-
In January, Tinetti of a Merrillville Elementary School said that the school used ordinary blue polo shirts and black shorts or trousers as an affordable school uniform.
There is no logo on the polo shirt, $10 per piece provided by the school.
The school will also lend the child a uniform that he or she can come out at the beginning and end of the day.
The uniform gives students a sense of identity, Tinetti MS.
\"The children know what they are wearing now.
\"It also removed any clothes --
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The school also provides sun shades for all students, which are returned and dry cleaned at the end of the year.
\"The cost of this shirt is really $10,\" she said . \".
Kat Stephenson, an active school uniform manager, said parents seem to be more relaxed when buying school uniforms this year.
She said the store, which serves most Tauranga secondary and secondary schools, is doing the same business as last year.
\"Now, all the days are together.
New Zealand school uniform manager Tracy Biddle said on Tuesday it was the biggest retail day the store had experienced \"for a long time.
The store now reserves uniforms for 19 Tauranga schools, ranging from \"small country schools to big colleges.
On average, parents of newly enrolled students may pay less than $200 for a school uniform, including two tops and tops, a fleece and a hat, she said.
Parents of high school students can expect a bill of about $400.
As it turns out, the uniform club in this store is popular, allowing parents to pay an amount to the account every week or every two weeks for use when needed.
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