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by:Aonousi     2020-04-28
The Tauranga Boys College broke out with a unified row that focused on what your children are getting more expensive to wear at school.
Carly Gibbs reports.
Maybe Andrew King is working on something.
As the principal of a school without uniforms, King\'s voice was somewhat relaxed when he proudly said his 145 students were properly dressed.
Many rural schools do not have school uniforms, and oropi, who is newly enrolled to grade 8, has celebrated personal style since 1899.
Kim, who has been working at school since 2010, said the local community will be divided into 50-
50 questions about whether children should wear school uniforms.
Oropi has a sports shirt and a hat for the compulsory school, and on top of that, children wear whatever they like.
No unification means one less thing to enforce, and there is no supplier problem.
More and more people believe that this may be exactly what King has in his uniform school a school more than his contemporaries.
This week, the Tauranga Boys College took legal action to prevent a local uniform supplier from producing and selling imitation uniforms.
Active School Uniform LimitedASL)
At Gray Street in central Tauranga, it was found that it was making its own version of the boys\' college uniform and ordering it through ISC Lenco, a uniform manufacturer authorized by the college.
Tineke bochier, managing director of ASL, said in a press release that they are a reputable company that has provided boys with \"decades\" of college uniforms.
\"The company found the treatment of the college\" ruthless.
President Robert Mangan said the board had an arrangement with a manufacturer to ensure consistency and uniformity.
He added that the school board
The Commission works through the selection process, requiring bids, shortlisted, and then issuing licenses to a manufacturer.
The school has registered a trademark on its logo, and the use of the trademark is authorized only to one manufacturer.
He said that means that if there is a unified problem, the school will only deal with one party.
School uniforms are a point of contention for many Bay parents who say the cost is high
Ranging from $200 to $400.
Plus complete middle school kit
They would appreciate it if they had the chance to go around.
* There is a complex element in the unified debate --
Parents may be surprised.
In order to obtain these exclusive contracts with schools, some unified suppliers are increasing incentives and increasing competition.
Paul Drummond, president of the Federation of principals, told APN this month that he believes it is not common for schools to seek bonuses from suppliers.
However, some suppliers are doing their best to attract the schools and principals who spoke to Bay Times Bay this week, and they say that some unified suppliers offer a small amount of financial return in exchange for signing up with them
The principal noted that the proposals were always closely watched.
Russell Gordon, principal of Mount maengganui College, said the school was ultimately motivated by the same business reality as the business.
But they have to be careful that no business opportunity will punish families who have already struggled with the costs of other schools, such as stationery.
\"It is the responsibility of the school to get the best treatment for parents,\" Gordon said . \".
New Zealand school uniforms run in Tauranga provide sponsorship and scholarships to schools as part of a business relationship and a way to give back to the school community.
David Bunnell, the owner, who provides school uniforms and sportswear to about 100 New Zealand schools, said that the school uniform market is a competitive market and incentives are not uncommon.
New Zealand school uniforms offer sponsorship and scholarships and schools decide how to use them
Whether it\'s sports, academics or helping families who can\'t afford uniforms.
\"It depends on the needs and needs of the school,\" Bunnell said . \".
Suppliers do not have a monopoly in the market, he said. schools do.
\"There are many suppliers, whether wholesale or retail.
Schools have never had better time to negotiate better deals than they do now.
The more suppliers, the more prices drop, the more discounts are offered, whether it\'s a scholarship or sponsorship.
Sponsorship will not affect the final price of schools or parents, he said.
Earlier this month, APN reported that some schools required uniform suppliers to pay for the right to sell uniforms, a move that could push the price of clothing for children.
But Gordon said it would be an \"unusual practice \".
\"The drive for schools to fund themselves, and the increasing prevalence of exclusive contracts with suppliers, has raised concerns among parents that the price increases for these items are beyond their tolerance.
Neil Harley, principal of catticati College, confirmed that competition between uniform suppliers was \"quite intense.
\"They are very active in trying to get their company into your school.
\"When we call for an interest to be expressed, they provide incentives,\" he said . \".
Some schools may seek bonuses from suppliers, but for most schools, price and quality are top priorities, Harray said.
In 2010, the catticati Academy specifically reduced the number of items on the uniform to facilitate parents.
They replaced a jersey, a jersey and two jackets with a school uniform and a jacket.
The cost of a 9-year boy uniform for Kati is $222 (
Polo, shorts, jerseys, sandals)
Nine girls are $267 a year (
Skirts, shirts, jerseys, sandals).
The new sports uniform launched this year is priced at $72.
Kati is one of the few secondary schools in New Zealand that allow Grade 13 students to wear mufti clothing.
It encourages \"smart and casual\" clothing rather than \"beach tourists \".
\"It\'s not uncommon for schools to have exclusive unified suppliers, says Harray, and it\'s more cost-effective to do so.
\"Schools of our size, we don\'t actually have a lot of uniform items, and companies need to have so many items in order to be cost effective.
There is a supplier that does a good job.
\"The College sells uniforms through schools, not retailers, and any surplus includes the cost of uniforms store managers.
Patrick Walsh, president of the Association of Secondary School Principals, said it was interesting that education bill 1989 was silent on school uniforms.
However, it is acceptable for the principal to imply the right to wear uniform.
However, they have to consult the parent community and no students are prevented from attending school because they cannot afford uniforms.
There are many reasons why most schools advocate school uniforms, including building school pride, identifying out-of-school students, and preventing students from competing over what they wear at school, Walsh said.
While some parents may lament the cost of uniforms, the principal believes that if their children, especially teenagers, wear mufti every day of the year, parents will end up spending more
Dave Randall, president of the otumotai College, said that Mufti\'s days often see students trying to surpass each other, and the current theme of otumotai is mufti --
Days that make things easier.
Randall agreed that the school uniform was spending a lot initially, but it was fairly cheap for a year.
\"For example, 13 can buy a jersey for $105 and wear it every day of the year.
I can\'t wear the same jersey every day of the year.
\"The school strives to provide the most value-for-money service to its parents, and otumotai has chosen the active school uniform and the Elizabeth St. portiere Plus school uniform.
The uniforms of students in grade 9/10 are slightly different from those in Grade 11/12.
Students in Grade 13 have an optional \"special\" jersey.
There is no difference between summer and winter.
If the shoes are black, the school allows shoes of any style.
\"We are very strict with uniforms (though)Said Randall.
\"If 99 effort is put in, then others can also.
\"The school that is trying to make school uniforms affordable is Merrillville school.
Two years ago, a school uniform was introduced in Delhi primary school.
Students are required to wear a navy blue polo shirt, any black one.
Not one dress has a school label, which means parents can shop around and find the cheapest items.
Postie Plus is in most shops in Fraser Bay.
Navy blue UV-Postiga stock
$19 polo shirt.
99, $16 in black shorts.
$99 and $24 jerseys.
$99 or $34 fleece. 99.
Merivale offers 150 sun shades for primary and dry children
Wash them free of charge at the end of each summer.
Postie Plus at Fraser Bay also provides uniform items for the Tauranga Women\'s College, Maungatapu School, pirandian School and catticati primary school.
Heather Annan, Postie Plus manager, said an additional $5 to $7 for a logo based on the work involved.
The ironing logo is cheaper than the stitched logo.
Annan often writes jobs and income quotes for his parents, and his mother shed tears.
\"My heart is open to them.
I said put it on layby.
It\'s really, really hard, I feel about them.
\"A quick scan from Trade Me, an online auction site, shows that cheap items include a Papamoa Primary School in boy Uniform No 4, with a starting price of $10.
The deal includes two deals.
Shirt, two pairs of shorts and one piece of fleece.
All the items are five. months-old.
Plenty times\'s bargains in the bay also showed off cheap items on Tuesday, from $10 in school shorts, $20 in school skirts, $5 in shorts, A $15 polo shirt and a $50 uniform.
Many schools are second.
Uniform from the store.
Last month, Robert hyidman, vice president of the West Bay Association, told the Gulf that the price of sending children to school has risen many times with inflation.
\"The cost of the school has risen a little bit every year, and unfortunately the income doesn\'t seem to keep up.
I know that more and more families are having financial difficulties.
Marjorie iliff, budget consulting services manager at Tauranga, said it would be great if schools could come together and make it easier to make unified purchases.
When her three sons go to school in Hamilton, they can wear the same gray shorts and shirts in middle school and college, ilef said.
\"All you have to do is buy (different)
Jerseys and socks
This is very basic for me.
\"It comes down to affordability and exclusivity.
It is not a bad idea for the school to sell you the logo, it will continue any (generic)
Color clothing.
You still have continuity there. If (some)
Enterprises can do it. why can\'t schools?
This is a pet hobby. horse here (
Proposal according to budget).
\"She thought the school was too busy to have exact regulatory programs and claimed that she had heard that the children were sent home because they didn\'t have the right shoes.
Illoff doubts whether this is important.
\"Who cares about the brown sandals with two straps, not the brown sandals with one strap.
What is the difference between this and their education?
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