the lost property mountain and stick on clothing labels

by:Aonousi     2020-06-12
Losing property has always been a dilemma in school.
Every school in the country\'s lost goods stores are packed with unclaimed nameless items.
Many schools cannot and will not store these items indefinitely.
They are usually disposed of or donated to charities, including items that are more expensive.
Some schools even held property auctions when houses were too high.
Lost property is not only a waste, but also a preventable inconvenience and expense for parents.
To rule this out, most schools insist that all children\'s property must be labeled.
If the solution is so simple, why is the problem of lost property still there?
Sadly, it\'s not a hassle to tag the children\'s stickers
It looks free.
There are several labeling methods that parents can use.
The iron on the label is very popular, but once washed several times, your label will not be attached.
Now, some of the iron on the label is very good, but there is no way to know before you invest and try them out.
The laundry marker pen is also a low-cost solution.
But they have two problems and they get more and more blurry over time and you have to find the room on the clothes to write the name.
Both methods, though quick and simple for today\'s difficulties
The mother who works may not be reliable.
That is, unless you keep
Check each dress to make sure there is still a clear, complete name tag.
This will cancel any time you originally saved.
On the other hand, weaving or stitching fails on the label-
Safe and reliable solution
One step back is that you have to spend hours sewing them on each piece of clothing.
Or pay someone else for the extra money to do it for you.
For parents with big families, many mothers who work full time, of course, those who don\'t sew, the choice is too inconvenient.
Time back to school can be stressful enough to make sure your child is fully ready to start the semester, which could be a minefield.
Getting the most suitable school uniform or school bag, not only to comply with uniform standards at school, but for your son or daughter, it is also fashionable and acceptable enough to often cause anger and confusion.
After a hard day at the back-to-school rush hour store, no parents had enough patience to sit down and sew the labels.
Now it is clear why we have a mountain of lost property in our school in England.
So, what is provided to solve this problem?
Many parents think that the best way to label a child\'s clothes is to put them on the clothes label.
Attached to clothing labels such as Stikins, just stick to the care label of the clothing.
There was no fuss attached to the clothing label, no ironing, no sewing.
The stick on the clothing label is H-shaped, and the leg of the label is wrapped around the care label, helping to stick together.
The label on the clothing label is made of nylon with black text and the name label is white.
There is something stronger on the label than iron.
For example, Stikins, which is attached to the clothing label, has been successfully tested by an independent company for the bseniso63 30 washing test procedure of 40 degrees and 30 washes.
Another benefit of using sticks on clothing labels is that they can be used not only to label names on clothes, but also to label books, bags, sandwich boxes, mobile phones, coats, pencil Case, calculator and many other items.
Sticking to a clothing label is often considered to be the best solution to the hassle and expense of dropping, misplacing, or forgetting school uniform items.
When our children are having too much fun or have a lot of things in their heads, we will never stop them from being careless about their property.
However, we can easily make sure that the items attached to the clothing label are returned to us.
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